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    Some context: entering this season, no woman had completed a televised course in either Japanese or American Ninja Warriors. I’d also argue that ANW’s qualifying courses are harder than any Stage 1 course on either.

    Seriously, watch the entire thing.

    Impressive, inspirational.. she kicks ass.

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    With the leaking of proposed contracts for YouTubes new music service, the indie world is up in arms over the constrictive and unfair terms being imposed upon small labels. It has been reported that this will mean many well known artists having their videos pulled from the service, if their labels…

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    Deafblind Brazilian “watches” World Cup with the help of his friends - Video

    THESE are real friends. Absolutely amazing.

    Beautiful. Hella hits you you in the feels.

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    If the future of music rests in the hands of streaming, why do independent artists have such a hard time embracing it?

    It breaks down to one simple factor. If someone goes to iTunes and buys an album, whoever that album belongs to receives a good chunk of the money - about $7. Alternatively if…

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